Guest Profile

Leanne Venier

Leanne Venier is an engineer, medical award-winning inventor, Eastern Medicine physician, international award-winning artist, and former submarine designer.

Leanne is known globally as the pioneering expert in the science behind the healing effects of Color, Light Therapy, and Energy Medicine. She validated the science of light therapy (photobiomodulation) for the masses and medical community, and for almost 2 decades, has been teaching doctors and laypeople around the world how to heal at the ROOT of illness and disease using color, light, sunlight, flow states, and quantum healing energies.

Leanne has been praised by the medical community as a visionary innovator in healthcare and honored with multiple medical awards for her science-based teachings and clinically proven REDjuvenator™ Quantum Light Therapy inventions.

Leanne has a lifelong passion for giving people back power over their own health, healing and anti-aging process to experience true root-level healing … so that fear-based tactics by Big Pharma and mainstream media are no longer effective.

Leanne provides free education and guidance about health, healing, and much more in her online groups including her free, interactive Telegram community.

Leanne is often invited as a keynote speaker at international medical conferences, major medical centers, brain, and neuroscience research organizations, SXSW and MENSA. She regularly and freely shares her teachings on global podcasts, national radio, NBC-TV, and elsewhere. Her REDjuvenator™ healing and anti-aging inventions have been featured in many magazines like Forbes, Men’s Health, UK Wedding Ideas, and others.