Guest Profile

Kathryn J. Leeman Ph.D.

Kathryn is an actress, life coach, and holds a PH.D in Philosphy & Transpersonal Psychology, with certifications in several related fields.Kathryn's life has revolved around seeking the answer to What and Where is the Truth?! Looking to various people, her soul, the divine, listen to Kathryn discuss her journey of moving beyond the attachment to the outcome of what other people think. she works on giving herself permission to speak  out loud without sacrificing her integrity, and believes "you are Original Medicine nowhere duplicated on the planet!"

Her services include private sessions; soul dialogue journeys; guided meditations to your sacred purpose; biofeedback for stress releasement and alignment of body, mind, emotions and spirit; private channelings from the Divine Feminine; psychic readings and aura & chakra photography and consultations.