Guest Profile

Kass Thomas

Kass Thomas is a best-selling author, international coach and an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. She travels the world inspiring people to choose more in their lives and discover their true nature.

Her books, workshops and in-demand classes provides accessible examples on how to invite health in your body, harmony in your relationships, success in your businesses and easy with your money flows. Kass is a walking, talking example of how easy it is to communicate effectively and create more with everyone and everything you encounter.

Her invitation is as easy as 1,2,3.
STEP IN: Identify your unique brand of magic.
STEP into your life.
STEP UP: Be willing to be seen STEP up to the plate.
STEP OUT: share your brilliance with the world - STEP out beyond your comfort zone

Kass is currently touring her new book ‘7 Steps to Flawless Communication’ and facilitating workshops on the 7 simple steps that invite people to change their life dynamically by communicating more effectively with their bodies, in their relationships, and in their businesses.

And when she’s not touring the world teaching people how to live a better life, you can find her entertaining guests at her boutique bed & breakfast in Rome, Italy.

Access Consciousness Certification Details:
*Special License
*Intro Class Facilitator
*Access Bars Facilitator
*3 Day Body Process Facilitator
*Certified Access Facilitator
*Body Process Facilitator
*Being You Certified Facilitator
*Access Facelift Facilitator