Guest Profile

JP Laqueur


BrandFoundations helps organizations unlock the value of their two biggest intangible assets: brand and culture. Sought

out by private equity sponsors and purpose-driven CEOs – especially those rapidly pivoting, growing or transforming as a

result of M&A – BrandFoundations develops powerful brand stories that energize a company's culture, create competitive

separation, and enhance exit valuation. Our 90-day, 360-degree methodology is faster and more comprehensive than any

“do-it-yourself” effort, generates more authentic and lasting results, and is designed precisely for mid-market enterprises

($25-500M revenue, 100-1000+ employees).



Throughout his career JP has been creating understanding and connections between people and brands, buyers and

sellers, companies and employees. He began his career at MCI, marketing some of the world’s very first Internet services,

and seeing first-hand how a powerful brand – and a committed culture – could disrupt a 100-year old monopoly and

change the world. Over the next twenty years, JP held senior tech industry marketing positions and founded a series of

marketing and brand agencies – continuously honing his skills as a creative wordsmith, passionate storyteller, and student

of human communications, branding, and corporate culture. JP holds a BA in Political Science from Hobart College, is a

first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and can be found skiing, biking or hiking when not integrating brands and cultures.