Guest Profile

Joy White Peacock

I'm a Stress and Trauma expert, ex Corporate executive and Inadvertent Shaman. I've died 6 times, and each time I've been returned with different Perspectives and Uncommon Abilities to help others.


I am Living Proof that you only get to die when it's your time. Doctors have given up on me on 6 unrelated occasions. I had to learn to heal myself. I'm certified in more than a dozen Holistic Healing Modalities. I'm Living Proof that incurable means Curable Only from Within.


I became a World Expert in Clearing stress in 3 minutes or less After being hit by a drunk driver at 24: Whenever I became stressed, soft tissue would swell at the base of my neck, blood would stop going to my brain, and I would have about 3 minutes before I blacked out. Each blackout caused an oxidative stress wall in my forebrain, it was a stressful time. After a couple of years my frontal lobes scanned like an autistic child - see bio. Doctors said I'd be dead or brain dead by 30. So I learned how to reprogram my brain to bypass the injuries, by Thinking New Thoughts. Instead of being a vegetable at 30, I had co-created Australia’s first 3rd party end user computer software support organization.


Now I teach how to Reprogram the Brain for Optimal Levels of Productivity and JOY, How to Clear Stress in 3 minutes or less, Ways to Dissolve Emotional Trauma Painlessly and How to Experience JOY Regardless of Circumstance.