Guest Profile

Jason Rohn

Jason Rohn, Executive Director UTUE, Inc.
Jason’s breakthrough approach is based on his ability to see that most people use the wrong approach to development and growth. We’re told that discipline, external motivation, and self-control are the secrets to success. Jason found that these are one-size-fits-all methods which treat people like machines and don’t take into account the natural rhythms and personality of the individual. When your true self is ignored or bypassed you’ll end up feeling toxic, negative and sluggish. Most importantly: you won’t make progress. The problem is we treat our self like machines and robots - but in reality, we are ecosystems. The “ecosystem” approach is Jason’s completely unique method used to create the foundation for a better life for individuals. His method - called “Living Lighter” - is a more natural, organic, effective and sustainable compared to most other programs. He sums it up this way:

“We teach machines to be more human and humans to be more like machines – but the greatest potential is always realized teaching humans to be more human and natural within their own uniqueness.”

Jason knows that the power is in the Practical! Being practical means changing the energy of a situation and found he could reach and remove negative energies directly. For example, low self-esteem, shame and guilt are energies that can actually be cleared away! His ability to see energies AND make changes directly is his greatest power! It’s for everyday people with everyday jobs and challenges! He has created a workable approach that is simple, current and effective.

Jason currently lives and works with his wife, Patricia, and his 88 year old mother – along with their 2 small puppies, Jaime and Ron. He loves to go for walks, enjoy nature, take the family for rides in his 83 VW Rabbit convertible, and eat healthy food. He’s also known for his (really bad) jokes and quirky sense of humor – you never know what’s going to fly out of his mouth!