Guest Profile

Janaya Dyce

Janaya Dyce is an advocate for all things healing, restoration and redemption. She believes that through the power of God and obedience we can make it through the toughest challenges the enemy throws our way.  She recently married the man God always had in mind for her. But, before she met her husband,  she embarked on an excruciatingly painful healing journey. She was recovering from trauma, mental abuse, physical abuse, spiritual abuse and going through a divorce. She was angry, depressed, and desperate to find a way out of the mental torment and came up short every time she tried in her own effort. She soon realized the help she needed was supernatural and far beyond what she had the capacity to do on her own. She began therapy and started seeking bible based support groups. There is where she found community, love and hope. She dug deep into the pain and found herself, deeper revelation of God’s love, and most importantly she found the willingness to forgive and trust God again.  Life is sure to have ups and downs, but God is a stabilizing force that doesn’t allow the pain and frustrations of life to overtake or consume His children. There’s always a way through, and His name is Jesus.