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Heather Allison

Heather Allison has been described as a beacon of Light and Love in a world that feels dark. Where life feels harder or heavier than it seems it’s supposed to, where we feel more fear than Freedom, more conflict than Connection, more distance than Deepening, more struggle than Success, and more misery than Magic — the teachings, transformation and energy Heather brings feels like Light, like a deep breath, like Remembering our way home. Since a sudden spiritual awakening in 2015, Heather went from living what she calls an “almost life” — with failed relationships, jobs that never felt fulfilling, and never quite feeling like she belonged anywhere — to landing squarely in her Soul Purpose and calling, having a thriving relationship, and doing work that feels like it’s been waiting for her (rather than the other way around) her entire life. Since then, she has been sharing her passion and her teachings to help women find the Gold and the Goddess within through courses, coaching, retreats — and now books. Her teachings center on bringing an ancient, forgotten Cosmic Feminine wisdom and medicine to the world, and allowing women to Remember and reconnect with their limitlessness, their power, their Love, and their deep abundance of magic. In short, she helps women remember, find and receive the More they’re truly meant for — in their personal lives, their relationships, their businesses, and their spiritual and intuitive lives. From easily accessible writings, talks and teachings, to a variety of courses, to retreats and deeply Activating private mentoring, it has been her mission to ensure that this wisdom and this Alchemy finds its way into the hands of as many women as possible. When we change the foundation we build our lives upon — everything about our lives changes. And Heather’s work allows women to create a foundation built for Love, pleasure, success, Soul and Magic. She calls this your Golden Path — and it’s there within, simply waiting for you to Remember.


The Golden Path with Heather Allison - Alchemy for Women who know they are Meant for More
Every 3rd Tuesday - 12PM PT / 3PM PT