Guest Profile

Glynis McCants

Glynis McCants has been studying Numerology for 20 years. She uses the Pythagoras Number system, which is over 2,500 years old. She has done well over 12,000 readings and SHE DOES NOT MISS!!  Her phenomenal accuracy is celebrated throughout the entertainment industry.

Glynis is the author of the best-selling book Glynis Has Your Number and also the creator of The Numerology Kit, The Individual Reading Chart, and the Are we Soul-mates Program. You may have seen her on The Beyond Show with James Van Praagh, The Caroline Rhea Show, The Other Half, Leeza, The View and Entertainment Tonight.

Glynis is also a reoccurring guest on Coast-To-Coast AM radio with George Noory and Barbara Simpson where she averages no less than a million hits on her website after each radio appearance. Why such a massive response? Because listeners cannot get over Glynis’ exceptional speed and accuracy. When she does live readings, she never misses.

Glynis believes that knowledge is power, and when you have someone’s name and date of birth, you can discover who they really are. However, numbers are not just in people, but also in everything: our homes, our business, every city, state etc. Glynis McCants has truly mastered the Science of Numerology, and her goal is to get everyone to do the same.

Friday June 24th - East West Book Shop Seattle

Join Celebrity Numerologist Glynis McCants aka “The Numbers Lady”, Author of Glynis Has Your Number and Love by the Numbers, as she helps you to understand your Life's Purpose.

Sat June 25th - East West Book Shop Seattle

Glynis will also be doing live spontaneous readings throughout the talk with the audience to prove There Is No Such Thing as a Stranger When She’s Got Your Number!