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Gen Stoney

Gen Stoney is known as THE IRRESISTIBLE LOVE COACH and, a #1 International Best Selling Author, for her book: The 1 Thing that changed everything. Women come to her feeling passionless and disconnected from their partner. They leave knowing the 3 simple shifts to having the fairy tale romance that drifted in time, (the notebook style romance: deep, unspoken, flirty, & passion filled romance).


Gen has been coaching women on this amazing journey for the last 11 years. Gen is a certified life coach, EFT practitioner, meditation guide, and chakra healer. She helps women own their sexual power, radiate their love and rejoice in their amazing relationships by detecting and connecting with their true radiance, surrendering and thriving in every aspect of life. She believes that we can have lives far beyond our wildest dreams!


Gen Stoney spent the first 23 years of her life feeling different and hating who she was. Starting in high school she jumped full force onto a 9 year roller coaster ride of self destruction, filled with: attempted suicide, mental illness, bulimia, alcoholism, being arrested, sexual trauma, and the list goes on.


On April 15, 2008 she embarked a new way of life free of all drugs and alcohol. She started to coach and public speak. Her life became amazing, and she led many clients to see their true potential. But she was still running from herself, and didn’t want to look at her wounds.


The Universe brought her to her knees December 2011, at which time she found out that her husband was having an affair with a woman who she thought was her friend. This woke her up, and changed her life like never before. Her coaching changed. Her Speaking changed.


Her relationships changed. The affair was: “THE ONE THING THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING!” (Book coming out this July 17th, 2020). Her & her husband reconciled 3 weeks before their divorce was finalized. They came back together in a beautiful way, and then had two amazing lil boys together.


If you want to claim your juicy radiant irresistable fun sexy life, Gen Stoney is your person!