Guest Profile

Fereshteh Fattaahi

With a passion for the financial services and life insurance industry, Fereshteh partners with professional advisors to help them tell their story online, build deeper relationships, and create steady, predictable outcomes around their marketing and business development efforts.  In all aspects of her personal and professional life, she successfully brings organization, clarity and structure to challenging projects by capturing key elements and then creating and implementing an impactful plan.  

Fereshteh’s background is in corporate finance, and she has spent time working for several of the coolest major entertainment companies in Los Angeles.  She has translated the professionalism and effective communication skills from working in a corporate environment to partnering with local and national professional advisory firms with a focus on developing authentic and impactful business relationships. By being the "eyes on the playing field," she has been able to successfully build a career around connecting the dots between current and future consumer needs and communicate offerings available in a way that is simple to understand.  

Fereshteh is a passionate learner; she loves talking about business processes and efficiencies and is a strong believer and advocate of connecting the dots between people and business opportunities.  On the personal side, she enjoys reading and listening to audio books, attending live music concerts, staying physically active as a powerlifter, traveling, and drinking all of the espresso she can get her hands on.