Guest Profile

Felicia Clark Ph.D.

Plus size cover model turned mathematics curriculum developer, Dr. Felicia Clark combined these two passions to crack the code on how women learn to appreciate their body - no matter their age, size, or circumstance. A staggering 93% of women dislike their body in some way. Let's turn the tide. Founder of, Dr. Clark speaks to college students, women's groups, and counseling organizations on how to overcome negative body image, adapt holistic healthy grooming practices, and embody femininity. She is a leading body acceptance coach, international author and media expert. As a plus-size model, she modeled for Richard Simmons, Just My Size, Macy's, Jones New York, Kelly Price Collection, several magazines and many designers. Check out her body acceptance journal: "Wonderfully Made" and her book "Beauty and the Beastly Standards."