Guest Profile

Ellen Wyoming DeLoy

Ellen is a coach committed to expansion, soul fulfillment, personal development, growth, and learning. She works with those who want to heal the world, and helps them to shore up their energy leaks and drains, and build a personal cultivation practice to fortify and center them as the leaders of their own expansion.

Ellen works with her clients to build into their day to day the magic of small actions to shift and refocus their creative power. She teaches her clients to stop cycling through limiting beliefs, burnout, and uncertainty into a consistent lived experience of expansion, creation, and the ability to be grounded in the present with staying power.

Ellen knows that to realize the world many of us want to live in, the systems need to change from the inside and out. Ellen knows that those working on change need a consistent fuel of internally generated energy that isn’t drained or thwarted constantly. This energy is necessary to steadily support the creation of what they wish to manifest in the world.

Ellen supports her clients to make the necessary shifts to ensure that their energy, their inner light, works for them, and in turn, is best in service for others too. Ellen coaches them to build their skills and use new tools to support their focus, energy, and center of power when they confront challenges and adversity.

Ellen's mission is to support her clients' personal journeys so they can live out their purpose in the service of people and the planet after ensuring they themselves are seen and cared for. She wants her clients to have enough leftover at the end of the day to actually enjoy their evening. They may feel tired, but not depleted, and looking forward to what’s coming ahead.

Ellen brings together her 15-years plus personal practices and formal training in mindfulness, meditation, yoga, breathwork, energy work, and psychic abilities to support her clients; mixing, matching, and co-creating a tailored coaching program for each person as they work together.

Ellen is currently based in Portland, Oregon where she lives with her husband, two kids, and labradoodle pup. So long as time zones align, she works with people around the world 1:1 or in workshops via video conference.