Guest Profile

Dr. Sheila R. Trapp

Dr. S. Renae Trapp is humbled by the many blessings in her life, including being a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and her new designation as a grandmother. She contends that her grandchildren have changed her life and made her better at living.


She has worked for over 30 years in various leadership roles in the social justice arena. She has a passion for leadership on issues of inequality, women's rights, and advocacy, which impelled her interest in becoming involved with racial, economic, social, and transformative justice agendas. 


Dr. Trapp has fundamental skills in diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, capacity building, and servant leadership and has served on numerous committees and activism groups working towards community and system-level changes. She believes that ordinary people do extraordinary things and that she is simply one of those ordinary people.


She is a native of Plainfield, New Jersey and the owner of S. Renae Consultant Group, which serves to Redefine Public Servant Leadership on all fronts. She has a Doctorate in Management and Master’s degrees in Organizational Management and Theological Studies. She is also a Certified Public Manager and the author of several books.


Dr. S. Renae Trapp is available for seminars, retreats, and speaking engagements based on her latest book, Leading Above Privilege: Confronting the Fear to Lead, and her upcoming book, 7 Weeks: Unpacking Trauma Amid Organizational Leadership.