Guest Profile

Dr. Jeanette Wolfe

Dr. Jeanette Wolfe and Planet Apothecary provides unique and effective products and services which combine ancient techniques, seasonal awareness, nutritive and somatic sciences in effective formats as tools for sustainable and holistic lifestyle choices. Her offerings bring balance to both inner environment of body, mind, spirit and the external environment of homes, offices and educational spaces. These time tested, proven tools/ systems provide remarkable learning and living experiences which inspire individuals to expand their perspectives, potentials and possibilities and honor their personal journey and to protect and preserve the planet through conscious living.


Dr. Wolfe’s life work and concepts that contain common threads through: * A wide variety of clients: –Children and their parents –Adults seeking sustainable living –The animal kingdom –Corporations –Educators –Medical providers –Design & planning professionals • A wide spectrum of products: –Home Furnishings, Décor, Linens –Jewelry –Games, Toys –Nutritional Supplements/Blends –Essential Oils, Scented Candles, - Self care Products


Dr. Jeanette's vision at Planet Apothecary in offering Clear Speak , Quantum Body, Sensory Branding and in creating the Planet Podz the Planet Rokz and The Planet Philterz is to empower your innate ability to self edit, moment to moment, in support of your mental, physical, emotional, relational and fiscal health and whole being and in authoring your optimal personal experience. Science meets spirit; ancient techniques in modern circumstance.