Guest Profile

Dominika Staniewicz

Dominika Staniewicz is a brain coach certified by Dr. Amen and Amen University. She is a neuroencoding specialist, a founding member of the Neuroencoding Institute, a Sociologist, Educator, public speaker, and an expert featured multiple times in European media.

Dominika helps people regain the feeling of belonging and hope. She helps them rediscover that there is more to life than what they are living. Dominika specializes in bringing organic happiness back to people that is not dependent on outside circumstances beyond our control. She takes a holistic approach that includes one's physical well-being, brain health, spirituality, values, psychology, and environment. She shares the tools that have allowed her to go from chronic depression, child loss, the feeling of not belonging (and being simply miserable with a perfect life on the outside) to a TRULY thriving and happy woman that loves life and has encoded happiness in her DNA.