Guest Profile

Dan McDonough

Dan McDonough currently serves as the President of the Kansas City Chapter of Culture Ambassadors and as the National Director of Corporate Wellbeing at LiveAnew, Inc.


Dan dedicates his life work to helping people and organizations achieve engagement, fulfillment and full potential.  He believes everyone deserves and should expect a flourishing life of purpose and meaning anchored by gratifying emotions, mastery experiences and intrinsic motivation.


The Kansas City Chapter of Culture Ambassadors serves as a pillar for the Academy of Culture Ambassadors—In his position as President, Dan helps organize and grow a community of exemplary employee organizations, supported by a national network of city-chapters to share ideas of strategic excellence to inspire the most vibrant and flourishing workplaces.


As the National Director of Corporate Wellbeing at LiveAnew, Inc. Dan directs their proprietary innovations to align wellbeing science and social networking technology for employer clients’ through an online and onsite culture shaping platform.


Dan has enjoyed 25+ years of healthcare industry commitment, including: Principal Consultant at Health Designs LLC; Chief Operating Officer for the Corporate Health Network at Business Men’s Assurance Company of America; General Manager of Corporate Health and Primary Care at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center; Director of the Human Performance Center in Overland Park Kansas; and Director of Health Promotion at Saint Luke’s Health Systems in Kansas City. 


Dan graduated from the University of Missouri Journalism School and early on transitioned his interest in human performance and wellbeing from a professional football career.