Guest Profile

Cynthia Forstmann

Cynthia Forstmann has a passion for storytelling.


As an Archetypal explorer, she works with individuals to uncover and connect the hidden symbols, patterns and passions that give their lives and work meaning. As a founding partner at CultureTalk, she helps organizations design cultures, brands and communications programs that are driven from a place of authenticity and deep awareness.


A background in Psychology led to her fascination of Carl Jung’s Archetypes in organizational culture and brands. She studied with Jungian researcher, Carol Pearson, Ph.D., and architected the framework for her firm’s Archetypal tools, trainings and engagements.


Cynthia facilitates strategic focus groups with executives, boards, marketing and HR directors and other leaders who share a stake in the culture and communications of any group. She has led award-winning rebranding projects, and designed strategic communication and team-building programs to recruit, retain and engage top talent. Known for her warmth and humor, Cynthia speaks to diverse audiences about the power of story in creating culture, inspiring purpose, and enhancing fulfillment.


Cynthia earned her Bachelor’s at Villanova University and her Master’s at Marymount. She is active on several boards and volunteer committees that serve deserving youth. Cynthia’s outside pursuits including exploring the world through skiing, hiking, travel and yoga. She loves exotic teas, red wines, hearty soups, complex novels and movies about young people overcoming adversities