Guest Profile

Connie-Lee Bennett

Connie-Lee Bennett is an award winning international public speaker, best-selling author and CEO and Founder of Meraki Training Academy. She helps entrepreneurs frustrated with their struggle to speak on larger stages so they can take the next leap in their business. When they work with me they create a massive confidence breakthrough that helps them fill their business with clients and boost their authority by booking high-impact gigs around the globe. Her methods are so effective because she works to uncover the root of her client’s pain and once the source is identified she provides the tools to help her client’s design a life of fulfilment so they can stand on the centre stage of their lives. It is through her experiences over the years practicing Holistic psychotherapy (in which she was voted the 3 x ‘Best in Paris’ via Expatriates Magazine), being an international public speaker and trainer, a Radio Personality on Expat Radio, appearing on International TV, international radio, featured in International Magazines, co-authoring over 6 books, being the Regional Director of the Global Woman’s Magazine Club in Paris and being the host of the Global Woman TV Paris Show that she is now passionate about supporting leaders to speak with more clarity, confidence and charisma as professional speakers. Find out more at and