Guest Profile

Christine Walsh

Christine Walsh helps clients master the inner game of money. As Christine will tell you, the strength of your inner game is fundamental to winning the outer game of money in business and life. She partners with self-aware women & men to help them see their inherent power around money, overcome their financial fears, and create genuine wealth. After growing up in NYC and 20+ years in Finance and Accounting, Christine left Wall Street, moved to a ski town and explored her passions. She created many successful small businesses, yet as time passed, found herself ignoring her own finances, which required her to dig deeper than what she was taught in business school. Today, Christine is a coach, speaker, and workshop facilitator, who inspires people and organizations across the U.S. Her program Money Squared: Mastering The 5 Elements of Financial Freedom, empowers clients to thrive in the game of money where clients exponentially improve their relationship with money so they can make more and live more. Mastering her inner money game gave Christine the power to create a successful 6-figure business and the fulfilling personal life she desires. Christine holds a BS in Finance, completed IPEC’s coach training, holds ELI-MP, CPC, and Int’l Coach Federation PCC credentials. For more info visit