Guest Profile

Christelle Biiga

Christelle Biiga is a Transformational Coach, energy healer, intuitive reader, and manifestation expert that works with individuals around the world. She shows people how to run their business and life in alignment with who they truly are and what they really want.


Christelle takes people to a journey back within to reconnect with the truest version of themselves, find the power to break free all limits and programming, and create the life they want and ultimately deserve.


She's also an Expert Speaker that has been invited in several women leadership and entrepreneurs groups such as Win-Win Growth Network, Empowering Women Leaders In Business, Sisters Checkin, and many more.


She's a panelist and the host of the online shows "Unlock Your Hidden Dreams - How to have it all: Business, love, success" and "Own Your Power: Experts share their proven strategies to discover and turn your talent into a money machine".