Guest Profile

Christa Ovenell

A lot of folks have a career trajectory that takes them from a cubicle to the corner office. It seems Christa Ovenell did it backwards. To say she embraced a beginner’s mindset during her mid-life career transition wouldn’t be overstating it: she literally went from Executive Director to Apprentice. And she’s never been happier.

Christa’s mid-life career change might surprise you, because she used to be a Principal and now she’s a funeral director.  She probably isn’t what you think of when you picture a mortician, but she’s ok with that because the whole reason she got into deathcare was to shake up the status quo! She’s doing just that as the founder of Death’s Apprentice Education & Planning, where she develops and facilitates workshops and training opportunities for individuals and forward-thinking companies.  She takes a heart-centred approach to some of life’s most practical problems by doing so, she replaces fear with knowledge and anxiety with empowerment.
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