Guest Profile

Brent Bigham

Brent Bigham a psychic medium, Intuitive healer, certified master life coach, and Blue Star master. He has three beautiful children and currently calls Kentucky home. Brent came to learn about his abilities later in life. He is a survivor of childhood abuse both physical and emotional. Brent has come to be grateful for the lessons in his life because he can help others who have also been abused. His healing journey started at 38 when his ex-wife was arrested for domestic violence. Suddenly, finding himself a single father with three kids while on dialysis. That event would send him into a depression spiral. Brent would eventually hit rock bottom. Until one day he was sent a vision by his future self of how wonderful his life would be if he just carried on. Since that day Brent has changed his life from being the victim to being in abundance and prosperity. Taking everything, he learned from his guides, trusted friends, life coaching, and Source Energy to become the person you see today. Brent has worked to heal his childhood trauma and abuse during his marriage. He has learned how to heal himself and others. These events have molded him into a compassionate coach and mentor. Brent has created a program to help you find and change your beliefs. Which are at the root of all problems. Ascension coaching directly connects you with Source energy. Together, we explore and release limiting and distorted beliefs—for every level of spiritual development. Your growth will accelerate, and you’ll remember your true, divine magnificence. Brent's motto is “What we believe, we become."