Guest Profile

Ben Goldman

Dr. Ben Goldman created The Wild Call Weekend, a three-day retreat in the Poconos where you will emerge refreshed and clear about where you stand and the next step in your relationship. He is an expert of change: personal, organizational and societal. His work has led to a new social movement, a Presidential Executive Order and a Supreme Court victory… as well as a 25-year marriage that ended in divorce, raising two girls, one of whom has become a boy. So he has taken a deep dive into the brave new worlds of dating as well as gender, identity, self-development and spirituality as a single man and parent where the old rules stopped working entirely. In addition to founding and advising numerous organizations in the private, public and non-profit sectors, Dr. Goldman is also a patented inventor, author and internationally exhibited artist. Manga for Men: Seven Secrets of Middle Age (it’s not just for men) is his latest book.