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Guest Profile

Barb Leigh B.Ed.

Barb Leigh loves to move energy in her fitness classes as well as when she gives treatments. For over 25 years, Barb Leigh, B.Ed., A.F.L.C.A., has inspired participants to move and experience positive health benefits through exercise and energy in her classes. She has taught various fitness levels, age groups, and class styles while educating participants with the benefits of exercise. Barb also loves moving energy for herself and others using different energy modalities to clear blockages of energy for the body to heal itself.

Barb Leigh has a passion for physical fitness, teaching and energy work. In elementary school, she enjoyed health and physical fitness. Barb participated in various sports growing up and in her teen years competed in track and danced with a semi-professional group. As a young adult, the love of children and teaching lead to a career as an elementary teacher. She later chose to stay home and raise her 3 children, and was a part-time as a fitness instructor. After 17 years of teaching classes, her love of dance and fitness lead her to a certification in Zumba®. She continues to inspire and motivate people to keep moving. The most recent workshops she has attended are the EU and Call to Dance. After attending these workshops, she started to have a lot more clarity with shifting.

Energy work has been a passion of Barb’s for over 15 years. After a family member had received cancer treatment, Barb discovered energy work as method of alternative healing. Barb was very intrigued with how it worked and took an interest in learning about various modalities. This lead to a certification in Reiki as well as attending various workshops in healing modalities. Barb incorporates shifting energy into her everyday life and loves seeing the benefits for herself as well as others. It still amazes her how quickly these shifts can occur!