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Audrey Light Language

Audrey Light Language Spiritual Architect and Energy Engineer  Speaks the  Languages of Light and the  Akash  She is a Divine Channel and she is celebrated as a healer to the healers She is from time before time and the first wave of creation. She was a vessel for Spirit to birth forth a new octave for Humanity and Gaia . Audrey works with clients across the states and around the world through skype. Audreys work provides healing on a multiple of levels, releasing old energy that entangles one and keeps them tied into the matrix and part of the old system. Audrey works on your etheric, physical,mental and emotional bodies and also releases old generational energetic ties as well as childhood issues This work is also done on subconscious and unconscious levels,The work is done on the other aspects of self  (past lives ) as well as the Galactic and dimensional aspects of self for a total healing and releasing and then down loaded upgrades for your system. Audrey also channels Sacred Key Numerical codes that work on your DNA  All extremely  powerful healing and activation's that occur on a multiple of levels.  Audrey also channels the beings of Light That come to speak with us  Audrey has many messages she has received through automatic writing she shares on you tube . This work helps you to become an Architect of your own designs no longer at the hands of others agendas . This work helps to empower you and helps you to take back and  stand  in your power and Divine birth right and sovereignty .