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Adrián Ordónez García

Inner Work Transform CEO Founder Bio.


Adrián Ordónez García

The Transcendent Mindset Instructor

CEO founder of Inner Work Transform

Mi vision and mission is help early and middle age soul searchers to find ´The Essential Happiness From Within´. Empowered by Your Transcendent Mindset.


My journey.

I was invited in 1986 to go to the former School for Plastic Arts of Taxco in The Hacienda of el Chorrillo, Guerrero México, to study silversmith designing and crafting. During the four years I studied there, my teachers introduced me to the traditional silversmith manual techniques and I started designing using silver and gemstones.


Then, I met a French jeweler who introduced me to the technique of lost wax that was not extensively practice in Taxco. By 1990, I returned to México City and perfecting my lost wax technique, and acquired my own laboratory. My travels have brought me to Puerto Vallarta where I currently lives.


My jewelry, is full of symbolic meanings, integrating my passion for the sea, the spiritual paths, and my epistemological studies of the millenary cultures. My jewelry integrates my open view to the current tendencies, inasmuch, in the art as in the philosophical movements, without neglecting fashion.


In 1995 I began to practice the Osho Meditation on Temazcalli in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, México. There I study Shiatsu and Bio – Cosmo – Energy Treatments.


In 2001 in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México. I began to study Usui Reiki until I become Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki


From 2002 to 2006 I began studying and to practice massage therapies such like, Relaxing massage, Polar, Podal and, hand Reflexology, on those day I create my own massage: Bio Natural Massage.


In 2007 I began study and practice the Applied Kinesiology of Touch for Health, until I become an International Certified Instructor.


Since 2013 I began to create my own legacy on the Soul searching field to share my knowledge and wisdom with my brand: Inner Work Transform