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Voices of Women with Host Kris Steinnes: Kamala Easton about Embodying the Goddess: Kali, Goddess of Transformation and Mosa Baczweska on Sounding on Purpose.

  11/25/2011  01:00 pm PDT

Kamala Easton will talk about how the Goddesses of India: Kali, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati represent archetypal powers - The power of the Divine Feminine, which lie dormant in us but need to be experienced, and brought into consciousness in our lives. Kali represents: transformation, death, destruction, change and our ability to release aspects of self which are false and/or no longer needed in our lives.

Mosa Baczweska will share the power of our in-house-healing/transforming instrument, our voice Mosa creates a sonic portal of transformation through 'soundings' using the authenticity of the moment in the form of improvisation. Learn some of the science of sound healing and discover the healing and transformative power of your own voice.


Kris Steinnes

Voices of Women Fridays at 1pm pt 4pm et.Kris Steinnes began her spiritual journey in 1990 when she discovered her mission to bring people together. In 1993 after reading t...

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Dr. Kamala Easton

Dr. Easton holds a Ph.D. in Education from UCLA, and a B.A. in Psychology from UC Berkeley. She spent 9 years in India, featured on PBS and Discovery Channels, Keynote speak...

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Mosa Baczewska

Mosa Baczewska is a performing songwriter, fabric and visual artist and workshop presenter. She has been singing since she was 6 years old. For over 35 years she has been pe...

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