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The Spiritual and Irritable show with Lisa Phillips: Domestic Violence expert Dianne Schwartz

  06/18/2012  03:00 pm PDT

Encore: Lisa speaks with the fabulous founder and president of Educating Against Domestic Abuse and best selling author, Dianne Schwartz. Her book, Who's Face is in the Mirror? is listed as a top 100 seller on women's issues on the online dictionary of mental health and was named Hay Foundation Book of the Year.


Lisa Phillips

The Good News - This show will make you laugh and get you moving into the fabulous life you truly deserve. The Bad News - Lisa promises to burst your excuses as to why you...

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Dianne Schwartz

Dianne Schwartz is a former model and business owner, and the founder and president of Educating Against Domestic Violence, a non-profit organization that assists battered w...

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