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Silver Gaia Radio with Dr. Brie Gibbs : Part 2 with Nicole Lewis-Keeber: Living in Your Truth as a Healer or Reader - When Do You Say I Can No Longer Help?

  12/29/2016  01:00 pm PDT

On part 2: Brie and Nicole will be talking more about standing in your truth and experiences they have been through. Sometimes a healer or reader is not the right match - how do find the right one? Along with other subjects of protect and more. So join us for this informative conversation. Goddess Blessings.


Dr. Brie Gibbs

Silver Gaia Radio with Host Brie Gibbs - New Energy has Made its Mark....Illuminate the Human Race!   Thursdays at 1pm pacific / 4pm eastern AND NOW on the 2nd and...

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Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Even prior to her career as a Psychotherapist, she has always been the person that others would approach and want to tell her their story; they sought her out for suppo...

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