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Silver Gaia Radio with Dr. Brie Gibbs : Living your true Authentic Life with GoldenSun Wolf. This show will help guide others to an understanding and love for others

  11/17/2016  01:00 pm PDT

Enlightenment for many is what this show is all about: GoldenSun Wolf will be here to explain how he stands in his truth with love and compassion for others. As he wandered for fifteen years, intentionally lost in darkness. He will explain how the darkness was released. GoldenSun Wolf will enlighten us about his journey and standing in true authentic self. We all have been in some type of darkness and released from it.


Dr. Brie Gibbs

Silver Gaia Radio with Host Brie Gibbs - New Energy has Made its Mark....Illuminate the Human Race!   Thursdays at 1pm pacific / 4pm eastern AND NOW on the 2nd and...

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Stephanie Sills

Stephanie is a certified goddess light lemurian shamanic healer and crystal healer. She is intuitively guided in working with ET energies and the elementals, clearing energy...

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GoldenSun Wolf

I embody and live in a balance of Masculine and Feminine energies, however I associate more with my masculine side despite having been born a female body. As a child, I was ...

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