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The Michelle Bond Show - Awaken to a New Reality!: RealSmart Baby Food: How to Make 3-Months Worth of Delicious, Nutritious Baby Food in 3-One Hour Blocks of Time with Lisa Barrangou, PH.D.

  07/16/2013  02:00 pm PDT

Create 3-months worth of delicious, nutritious baby food in 3 one-hour blocks of time. Combine individual whole food pures and freshly ground grains into an endless combination of flavorful, nutritionally balanced meal possibilities. Learn simple nutrition principals and practices that will prepare you for feeding baby wholesome foods for a lifetime.


Michelle Bond

Do you ever wonder why you feel off balance and out of focus most of your life Would you like to have an 'aha' moment every day The Michelle Bond Show Awaken to a New Reali...

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Lisa Barrangou

Lisa Barrangou, Ph.D. is the creator and author of RealSmart Baby Food. Lisa is an experienced mother, food professional, food enthusiast, and advocate for healthy living. S...

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