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The Truth is Funny .....shift happens! with Host Colette Marie Stefan: Accessing our Mothering Wisdom with Karen Campbell Betten

  03/11/2015  08:00 am PDT

Accessing our Mothering Wisdom in this Modern Day and HAVING FUN while you do it i.e. quieting the "I sucked today as a mom" worries

Description: You know how sometimes you just know how to parent and support your children? But then on other days and times you just can't access that space lending to a cycle of worrying and over thinking. How can we expand our inner wisdom to supports us in having FUN, parenting and effortlessly raising our children's path to accessing their own wisdom? Join us as we expand and support each other to re connect to the power of our innate wisdom.


Colette Marie Stefan

Colette Marie Stefan

The Truth is Funny - Wednesdays 8 am Pacific 11 am Eastern Every 1st WednesdayHost Phil FreeEvery 3rd Wednesday Host Karen Campbell Betten The Truth is Funny is an enterta...

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Karen Betten

Karen Betten Np

Karen Betten, MSN, NP, CBP is a cutting edge instructor, teacher and practitioner known for her unique but rich presentations threaded with humor and science.  Her 25 y...

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