The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Self Realization and The Inner Child: Part 4 with Nadine Searle

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Self Realization and The Inner Child: Part 4 with Nadine Searle

  07/15/2021  05:00 am PDT

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Self Realization and The Inner Child: Part 4 with Nadine SearleIf you are anything like me, you are faced with meeting your inner child, the one who has been crying for your attention all your life is yearning for your love and approval. The wounded inner child is calling so that it finally receives the love, the nurturing that was missed in your childhood. Today we are going to share how loving the wounded child-free is the gift of this lifetime. Becoming your own inner parent is painful but so necessary on the path to self-realization. You came to heal and love all parts of you back into wholeness. Loving the wounded inner child so that you can play more with your divine child as you begin living your second life now.


2.11 - What happens when you start healing the core wounding

3.00 - Kornelia's question to Nadine...." were your parents emotionally there for you?"

3.57 - Nadine confesses " I wasn't emotionally available"

7.25 - How you are reborn into your second life in this life

8.40 - The empowerment of recognizing these feelings , even when scary, and knowing what to do about it

10.00 - healing and clearing ancestral wounds

11.32 - Kornelia's 21 Day Challenge ......helps in this time of uncertainty

11.58 - Nadine describes her daily practice using the 21 Day Challenge loving the chance to nurture yourself everyday

13.00 - invitation to heal wounds and release negative stories through the 21 Day challenge

15.30 - Using the 21 Day Challenge to identify and move beyond limiting beliefs

18.50 - Kornelia's realization of how she wants to live in the future

21.00 -Going from loving to playing

22.20 - Kornelia Stephanie Media Group. Supporting her team to create a sustainable environment wherever they are in the world

23.01 - Why Nadine has chosen to live in the woods and by the sea

26.00 - We're here to support you

27.41 - "We are stronger in our bliss"

27.55 - We don't need to change everyone else. Just choose how you want to be, look after's all you need to do

29.30 - Find out more about Nadine and her work on her Calmer Self YouTube channel Nadine helps people step into their future self by feeling and believing it and that's where the magic happens


Join Kornelia in her 21-Day Self-Challenge!


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