The Jenn Royster Show: Energy Healing with the Angels - A Global Event

The Jenn Royster Show: Energy Healing with the Angels - A Global Event

  03/19/2020  08:00 am PDT

Jenn Royster Show - Energy Healing with the Angels

Energy Healing is available to everyone. We can reset our energy field and raise our vibration to align with the higher frequency energies flowing in at this time.

The angels support us, walk with us, encourage us as we go through historical transformative times. Angels bring hope and compassion in challenging times.

We are in the midst of great change and opportunities are aligning to set intentions for a brand new cycle. Within a few days we’ll experience the potent energies of the equinox March 19-20 Sun enters Aries. Then on March 20-21 the Mars-Jupiter Conjunction and then the new moon in Aries on March 24th.

You may feel isolated physically, but we are united energetically. The world is moving through this together, we can use togetherness to send energy healing to all the world.
You will lift and heal your own energy while simultaneously sending energy healing out to everyone around the world. Join us and the angels for this special episode of healing.


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