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Stress Buster Radio with Dave Dodge: Your Thoughts/Beliefs equal Your Reality - Method of the Month will be a form of Parts Therapy to Heal your "Wounded Child".

  03/14/2017  01:00 pm PDT

This show we're going to be talking about something I probably should have talked about before because the subject of this show is so basic and fundamental to all the rest of the information that I want to share with you. On this show we're going to explore how our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions cause our feelings and behaviors, both positive and negative, and how these things create our individual Realities. And, we are also going to talk about how you can change any negative thoughts/beliefs, negative feelings and behaviors you have if you wish to do so.


Method of the Month - Parts Therapy to help Heal your "Wounded Child".


Words of Wisdom for this Month –


     Your Thoughts/Beliefs equals Your Reality 


     It is Done to Me as I Believe


     Energy Flows Where Your Intention Goes, or


     Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes


     Worrying is Praying for What You Don't Want 


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