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Straight Talk with Host Chuck Gallagher: Cher and Bill Holton, PhD's talk about Spirituality and our Spiritual Path

  04/20/2015  02:00 pm PDT

Imagine a Cyber gathering place for people who consider themselves to be more spiritual than religious! That's what my guests Bill and Cher Holton have created -- and now they want to grow it! It is called "The Global Center for Spiritual Practices" and their goal is to help you walk the spiritual path on practical feet.

Bill and Cher are ordained Unity ministers and have served two churches, but have found that trying to blend a spiritual culture with a religious culture just doesn't work. And because they are more spiritual than religious, it is important to create a gathering place that feeds the souls of spiritual people who have become 'church alumni,' church attenders who are no longer being served, and church avoiders who have always felt uncomfortable in a church environment.

We'll talk with Bill and Cher about their new project and about where it seems we are moving spiritually.  You can check out what they've done thus far by checking out their current site ( There you'll find a wealth of information and resources for your spiritual enrichment and growth.


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Cher and Bil Holton PhD

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