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Sisters Talk Radio with Mona and Savitri: Nourishing ourselves and others: Bringing simplicity and joy to our table with Nancy Gellos and Marlen Boivin of ShinShinChez, LLC

  03/03/2013  02:30 pm PDT

Have you ever been shopping or cooking and felt like it was a chore? When was the last time you actually felt nourished and full of joy at the end of a meal? We are all 'tenders' of ourselves, our family, our community, and of the Earth. There are simple ways to enjoy eating, cooking and choosing our food. Join Mona in a conversation with Nancy Gellos and Marlen Boivin about our food choices and a look at true nourishment.


Mona Renner

Awaken the feminine power that glows in your heart There are just certain heart to heart conversations you can only have with your "sisters" - the conversations you crave wh...

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Marlen Boivin

Marlen Boivin, partners with Nancy Gellos of ShinShinChez LLC. Marlen is in charge of Business development, financial management, and marketing. ShinShinChez LLC is a Seattl...

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Nancy Gellos

Nancy Gellos, partners with Marlen Boivin of ShinShinChez LLC. Nancy is in charge of design, illustration, creative direction, marketing, publishing. ShinShinChez LLC is a S...

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