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Lucid Planet Radio with Dr. Kelly: Valentine's Special with Miss Jaiya: 5 Passion Killers & How You Can Keep Them from Killing Fulfillment & Sexual Satisfaction

  02/08/2017  02:00 pm PDT

Your sexuality is one of the most powerful indicators of over all health, vitality and wellbeing.  A healthy sex life is also tied to a more fulfilling and connected relationship. Yet many people allow these 5 Passion Killers to slowly chip away at their satisfaction. For today's Valentine's Day special on Lucid Planet Radio, Dr. Kelly is thrilled to welcome renowned sex educator and activist Miss Jaiya to the show!


Jaiya shares with you her Core Erotic Blueprint Types™: a framework she has developed over 20 years of research which can help you uncover your own personal pathway to pleasure. The Erotic Blueprint Types™ can give you a clear language to articulate exactly what you desire with your partner and get the satisfaction you crave.


When you fully understand the turn ons of each type, you can clearly ask for and receive the type of intimate connection that deeply satisfies and you can confidently deliver to your lover mind-blowing erotic experiences.


The Erotic Blueprints™ take sexual fulfillment beyond technique to a place where you can finally be seen, felt, heard and fed in the bedroom.  You can breakthrough the shadow sides of your own eroticism moving past shame, disconnection, trauma and low libido.  The Blueprint also include 4 major obstacles to radiant sexual health and thriving pleasure - be sure to learn all 4 so that you can turn these obstacles into pathways to more pleasure, vitality and sexual ecstasy!

Claim the pleasure that is your birthright and learn the power of your Core Erotic Blueprint™

Talking Points:
Jaiya’s expertise is in the field of human sexuality with over 2 decades of working with private clients!  She is incredibly open about talking from her own personal experiences - some of these include

  • Recovering from a major pelvic floor trauma after childbirth
  • When she couldn’t get her partner to be attracted to her
  • How she became incredibly orgasmic
  • Adventure Dating 
  • Herbalism/Diet and Detoxification
  • Energy, Tantra and Sexual Ecstasy



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