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Fire it up with CJ!: Power struggles at home with your sex-ting kids and at work too

  08/25/2011  01:00 pm PDT

CYBERBULLYING/SEXTING: Your kids are likely more creative in the art of cyber deception than you. You will be shocked at all the ways they can run wild on the internet causing all sorts of trouble. Worse, it's impossible to catch them as they are technically smarter than you. J. Richard Knapp, a bully expert, discusses cyberbullying and how your kids innocent teasing of classmates could be considered cyberbullying. Maybe, they are a victim of cyberbullying and their reputation and ability to get a good job/get into a good school are being effected by cyberbullies. How can you protect your kids online reputation?

BULLYING AT WORK: Most people assume that bullying stops after grammar school or High School. It doesn't. Bullys graduate from school and become bullys at work. Some times it's the nerds revenge in action and the "bullied child" becomes the bully at work. Maybe, you never considered labeling the jerk at work as a bully. But, indeed they are. Open your eyes and build your defenses against bully attacks at work. Ever hear of a serial about a serial work bully? How can you detect the serial bully's artfully planned strategies of manipulation all designed to ruin your reputation at work?


CJ Liu

The Fire it UP with CJ show offers busy people a place to come to help improve their own well-being while living in healthy harmony with the planet. The show is based on the...

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J. Richard Knapp

J. Richard Knapp is an American author from Roseburg, Oregon. Educated at Boise State University and the University of Oregon, he worked as an elementary teacher and princip...

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