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Dr. A's Habits of Health: Talk with Host Russ McCann. Today's Featured Guest is Certified Health Coach Jill Greber, CPC

  05/18/2011  12:00 pm PDT

This is a show that will definitely change your life. Not only will we explore how you can create a healthier, longer life, but we'll show you a simple process that will change your life. Join me and my special guest, Jill Greber, CPC.


Russ McCann

Russ McCann, Certified Health Coach and Co-Host of Dr. A's Habit of Health Have you ever thought there was no hope for your life and that you were predestined to be overweig...

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Jill Greber, CPC

Among many coaching certifications, Jill A. Greber, B.B.A. is most passionate about being a certified health Coach. Jills true passion and purpose is to empower people, and...

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