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Dr. A's Habits of Health: Dr. Wayne Andersen's Habits of Health Talk with Special Guest, Certified Health Coach, Kelly Rife

  01/12/2011  12:00 pm PDT

Special Guest, Kelly Rife will explain how the Habits of Health System can change your life and will help you move your life forward. Kelly not only changed her life but has been a shining light to thousands of people who were looking to get healthy but struggled to do so.

Kellys energy combined with her use of the Habits of Health System, will help you change your life and help you create a thriving life. Live the Life you Love


Dr. Wayne Andersen

One of the nation's foremost physicians in nutritional intervention and best-selling author of the groundbreaking book Dr. A's Habits of Health, Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen has...

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Russ McCann

Russ McCann,Certified Health Coach and Co-Host of Dr. A's Habit of Health Talk Have you ever thought there was no hope for your life and that you were predestined to be over...

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Kelly Rife

Kelly is a certified health coach a Presidential Director with TSFL.She lives in PA and lives on purpose to help others to get and stay healthyKelly has lost and successfull...

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