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Chat with Natalie: " -- Getting to know Yourself" and today, 'Remember to Remember' with the amazing Lille Diane. Are you ready to remember?

  03/09/2012  12:00 pm PDT

Join me as I welcome the amazing Lille Diane - a singer-songwriter, artist, teacher and survivor. Lille is a wonderful example of teaching by example while finding and sharing healing through "the language of the world," art.
Her art is insightful, whether it's the paintings or her songs, and today we are focusing on 'Remember to Remember.' It's a song it seems, and the heart of the message is about delays in life that slow us down or stop us. It's really a story, our story and Lille will share some delays, experiences, challenges and insights - as well as the song. Join us



Natalie is dedicated to helping others with love and compassion with all the tools that the universe to graciously provides. Whether people have lost their direction, need s...

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Lille Diane

Lille Diane is an artist, singer-songwriter, teacher, and author. She has vivid flying dreams, colors outside the lines with childlike joy, and understands the language of a...

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