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Business Game Changers Radio with Sarah Westall: Police Brutality and Racial Bias Solved by the Free Market and the Community: Hear How

  09/26/2016  12:00 pm PDT

Andro Samuel Interview:

Racial tension is on display all over the country. From the riots in Charlotte to the campaign dialogue about Wall building to secure our borders. Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, it would be very difficult not to notice the tension increasing all over our country.


One bright spot that has occurred recently in our country, is the bipartisan agreement between republicans and democrats that has recently developed. Both sides agree that major social and economic disparities exist in our African American and Hispanic communities. The huge amount of studies and information that has been published has also been confirmed by teachers, social workers, justice workers, and volunteers on the ground. Just talk to anyone who works within those fields and you will hear the stories. However, once you get past the basic agreement that this problem actually exists, there are huge differences on how to solve the problems and where the problem originates.  Parties are often significantly divided, but at least now there is dialogue that the problem DOES exist and solutions must be found. 


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Dr. Shalom Rakhminov Interview:

The business of providing medications to patients in this country is booming. Americans pay more for prescription meds than anyone else in the world. But, while more money is being spent on pharmaceuticals than ever before, drugs that help many patients are no longer available. Insurance companies are no longer paying for customized medications provided by pharmacies to combat specific issues a patient may have.


The drug industry is a huge engine that is geared towards the masses. If your needs fall out of the defined structure, the pharmaceuticals are not interested because there is less money to be made. To make matters worse, patients are becoming addicted to pain medications in masses which has turned into a major epidemic. See an excerpt...


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Andro Samuel

Andro Samuel is the CEO and Managing Partner of LiveEsq LLC, a high tech startup focused on solving racial bias within law enforcement by bridging the communication gap betw...

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Dr. Shalom Rakhminov

Dr. Shalom Rakhminov is a pharmacist, CEO and Owner of Shalom Pharmacy, a pharmacy dedicated to providing customers both traditional and customized medications. Shalom provi...

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