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Awaken to Your Soul Power with Auriella: Let Go of Fear Through Faith with guest Pat Hastings

  06/01/2011  02:00 pm PDT

Whenever you are called to a deeper level of trust in the Universe and to yourself to do something you have never done before or to step into your greatness, you will experience uncertainty. Active faith is the bridge that takes you into the promised land of manifestation. You limit your supply of good by your limited thinking. Let Pat share with you 7 Miraculous Tips .when the Uncertainty Grips.


Auriella Auriella

As an international teacher, healer, speaker, and coach, Auriella assists individuals in awakening to their spiritual power and being more empowered in their life. As a very...

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Pat Hastings

Inspiring, powerful and passionate, Pat Hastings is the Author of the award winning book Simply a Woman of Faith: How to Live in Spiritual Power & Transform Your Life. For m...

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