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  11/30/2018      01:00 pm

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: The Millionaire Imprint for Women: One Million will be Donated to our Favorite Children's Charity.

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Susan Glavin

Susan Glavin, author of the F-It Manifesto, “A women’s kick-ass guide to liberation.” Inspired speaker, co-creator of Be the gift, Generator of Women’s Creation Circles and proclaimed High Priestess. Teacher and student of the magic and mystery of life. Susan is on a journey of self-mastery and fulfillment, living life for the highest and greatest good for all.


  • "One thing I can say is that I am grateful for Dr.Pat. You are just this amazing light and example in the world. I don’t even know what I would do with my morning without you and I know a lot of people feel the same way."

  • "I had the best time on the radio today with Dr. Pat on The Dr. Pat Show.  It is all about talk radio to thrive by!  Pat is a great interviewer and tons of fun!!!"
    Leeza Gibbons

  • "As I listened to Dr. Pat and Karen, I was literally cheering with each question and answer. Dr. Pat conducted the most powerful interview yet with Karen. Dr. Pat's questions were beautifully thought out and hit the core of Karen's work and message. Thank you!" Kathleen Malone, Sundance on Success

  • "I've been on Dr. Pat's show on several occasions and I never cease to be impressed with how professional and engaging she is. Dr. Pat always gets the guest to bring out the most interesting and informative details. She is an upbeat, intelligent, alluring and entertaining host. I highly recommend the Dr. Pat Show if you want to open your mind and broaden your horizons."  Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony

  • "My relationship with Pat Baccili has impacted my life far beyond what I ever thought possible. From our first meeting my journey has been truly nothing short of miraculous. I was coming from a place of total despair and hopelessness; I had tried on my own, and through years of therapy to change my life but circumstances never changed and the frustration left me depressed and at the end of my rope. Pat saw the challenges I faced and taught me how to take control of my life (this wasn't always easy). She never preached, never reprimanded, but always showed me another perspective through kindness and sometimes humor. More often than not I'd leave shaking my head wondering how she did it, but she did and I was always able to move forward and implement what I learned. Thanks to Pat I've found my life's purpose and I'm writing a novel, a story that's been in my head for decades. I don't know where this will lead and on most days I don't think about it, but when I do I know the possibilities are endless. I'm not going to lie and say I never have doubts, I still do from time to time but I will say my relationships with those I love are stronger and definitely more peaceful. There is one thing I know for sure, Pat has saved my life and I will be eternally grateful to her."