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  11/29/2019      12:00 pm

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Mastering Success Habits & Behaviors with Michelle Boss

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Michelle Boss

Michelle Boss, aka "The Money Boss," is a Personal Finance Coach, Author and Blogger in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is passionate about helping people create financial ease and mastery by connecting in with their money to manifest the life of their dreams. As a mom of 4, she is also committed to making a difference in the lives of young people through financial literacy initiatives.


  • "Dr. Pat's Holistic Makeover is inspiring yet practical. She takes listeners' dreams and turns them into reality through her astute matching of audience members with professional coaches. I had the pleasure of being one of Dr. Pat's coaches for the 2009 Holistic Makeover. I recommend her program to anyone prepared to commit to focused work on themselves so they can live their dreams."
    Ellen DiNucci-Sponsor

  • "I love you and thank you with all of my heart for all you have done for me and how you make a difference in my life and in so many other's lives. With gratitude, joy, and love." 

  • "Hello, Dr. Pat! I just want to say how much I enjoy your pre-recorded shows that I have stumbled upon quite accidently (of course we know there are no accidents) while looking for something entirely different! Thank you for pouring all your energy into this wonderful show you host and you are a really fun to listen to! This station is such a breath of fresh air, please don't stop! I'm so glad I subscribed to your newsletter so I can be updated on any upcoming events and exciting new guests coming on your show. So thanks again and I look forward to listening to your shows! Cheers"

  • "I've been interviewed by radio programs throughout the world, and I've never discovered a more informed and prepared host than Dr. Pat. She discovered not only the broad themes in my book, but zeroed in on how they impact people today. I hope she'll consider becoming a television presenter, as she showcases people and causes important in our society."
    Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff

  • "I listened to the Kris Steinnes show yesterday. It was really great to hear you speak as a guest. Something you said hit a chord with me (not uncommon when listening to you) you were talking about moving to Seattle and unable to find a job. I moved from PA to the Mystic, CT area in October (I felt strongly I was supposed to come here). I had a job lined up and it fell through. I now clean houses and do some free-lance writing for a local newspaper. Hearing you couldn't find a job right away is giving me hope, so thank you for that! I am grateful that I am working, especially as a writer, which is my true passion. But, I am just a bit stuck at the moment. I left a really good job in PA to come here. I will never forget my first week here. The normally friendly and sunny Long Island Sound had been transformed into a dark and dreary sound and I was questioning my decision to move here. I turned on the radio and was guided to the most amazing station! Transformational Talk Radio was exactly what I needed and I have been listening ever since. I even called in once for a clearing from Deborah Diane. I am still experiencing stumbling blocks, but through meditation and listening to so many light filled hosts on your radio station I am doing okay!!!I just wanted to let you know that you are helping me along my journey!  Peace and Light."  Rose