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  11/29/2019      12:00 pm

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Mastering Success Habits & Behaviors with Michelle Boss

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Michelle Boss

Michelle Boss, aka "The Money Boss," is a Personal Finance Coach, Author and Blogger in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is passionate about helping people create financial ease and mastery by connecting in with their money to manifest the life of their dreams. As a mom of 4, she is also committed to making a difference in the lives of young people through financial literacy initiatives.


  • "I just finished a session with a person from the UK. I asked how she found me. She had done some searches, and then said she listened to some podcasts from the Dr. Pat Show. She loves you! And, that's how she found me. Wow!"
    Leslie Fonteyne - CoHost

  • "Thoughts of Dr. Pat and my interview experience include, Warm, gracious, so much fun, filled with wisdom, asked great questions, enabled me to share my research regarding Intuition, Consciousness, Healing and the Power of Love with her listeners, comfortable, genuine, caring, probably one of the most engaging hosts who has ever interviewed me, delightful and an amazing psychologist who really "gets" people. I was honored to be asked by Dr. Pat to share the hour with her an entertaining and enlightening hour that whizzed by, leaving us both wanting more time to talk. How fortunate Dr. Pat's listeners are to have a host who comes from love and, as a psychologist, truly honors their needs." 
    Susan Barbara Apollon

  • "Wow, thank you Dr. Pat! I'm so thrilled to be here! You gave me the chills twice during your intro already. I absolutely love that story of you calling in to the wrong number and about your calling. God bless it's so great to be here."
    Billy Farr

  • "Wow! My eyes are full of choking water. Thank you so much and I want to thank everybody for listening. Wow, Dr. Pat may I share a sentiment with you? Before we began I'd like to share a sentiment. You remember there's a show with Bob Barker "The Price is Right"? And where someone's name would get called and suddenly it would become a Pentecostal church where somebody receives the holy ghost and experiences a surge spontaneous burst of joy and you can just see all over their face. In that moment, what that sentiment feels like it's like, "Reverend Thabiti you're the next guest on The Dr. Pat Show!" and that's how I feel right now Dr. Pat. I want to thank to thank everybody for listening and I want the whole world to know Dr. Pat that I just love you so much. I just love you. I just think that I'm speechless."
    Rev. Thabiti

  • "Thank you. Dr. Pat it sounds like a very Positive show. I like the story about the Motel." Love and Light to you all David -UK