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Putting Ideas into Action

Putting Ideas into Action

Expansive mindset with action to back it up!

We released our 2018 theme recently as "Putting Ideas into Action". Every year Dr. Pat wants to set a conscious intention for what we want to achieve. Last year it was "Accelerated Expansiveness". Which we lived up to 10-fold and are still working toward every day. With an expansive mindset we open ourselves to new possibilities. 


We can look at every situation as an opportunity. It is sometimes an opportunity to learn, grow, listen, have compassion, excel, you name it. When we have an expansive mindset we start looking at possibilities differently. Now all of a sudden your team gets cut in half because people are leaving and moving onto new jobs and you think how are we going to cover all of this extra work? (this happened recently by the way) We are so thrilled for those that have moved on and found new opportunities in their lives but we were stuck with the "now what?" feeling. 


BUT with an expansive mindset we were able to create an entirely new position that hadn't existed at the network before which allows us to do an even better job at supporting and promoting our hosts. We are excited about this new adventure and these new ideas coming together! This blends our 2017 theme of expansiveness and our 2018 theme of action together beautifully. 


Why is this story relevant you may ask? We all go through experiences of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, the world is crashing down, we are stressed, we are busy, our workload is to heavy. There is always a way out and you just have to find it. One of our hosts Andrew Martin recently told a story on air about how he doesn't even talk about problems, rather is is always looking for the solution. This was so well put and something worth repeating. Instead of focusing on the problem, he is focusing on what is the solution. This is something Dr. Pat does as well and has helped her create a successful #1 voted radio show and positive talk radio network. 


The challenge for you all reading this.... what solutions are you going to focus on this week? How are you going to accelerate your expansiveness and put your AMAZING ideas into action?