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The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Living Heaven on Earth

Connect to yourself in all ways. 

 I will be speaking with Empowerment Coach Charleen Hess this Friday as she shares her unique skill set as a hair ... 

  Friday, February 16, 2018

Host: Kornelia Stephanie

Co-Host: Charleen Hess

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Unstuck Joy! with Vicki Todd - The Art of Living On Purpose

Feminine vs. Masculine Traits – Can They Play Well Together? Plus - First in the Series o...

Have you ever wondered, “Is this all life has to offer? There MUST be more!” If you answer “yes,” join me on Unstuck JOY! The Art of Living on Purpose with Vicki Todd as she shares her insig... 

  Thursday, February 23, 2017

Co-Hosts: Vicki Todd Ed.D., Dr. Pat Baccili

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