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The Christine Upchurch Show

Alien Abduction- A Different Perspective with guest Sherry Wilde

Join Christine and guest Sherry Wilde to explore the phenomenon of alien abduction from the point of view of someone who has had lifelong interaction with beings of another dimension, or world. At one time a disbel... 

  Friday, August 25, 2017

Host: Christine Upchurch

Guest: Sherry Wilde

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Lucid Planet Radio with Dr. Kelly

Ancient Aliens, Disclosure, Conspiracy Theories and More! With Giorgio A. Tsoukalous

If ancient aliens visited Earth, who were they, and where did they come from? In today's show, Dr. Kelly is joined by Giorgio A Tsoukalous, host of Ancient Aliens, to discuss theories of ancient astronauts and hist... 

  Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Host: Dr. Kelly Neff

Guest: Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

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